Joachim K. Hochwarth



Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering   Minor in Computer & Information Sciences
Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) · UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA · December 2002

Diplom-Ingenieur1) Aerospace Engineering
University of Stuttgart - Germany · August 1998

1) German Equivalent to Master of Science


04/2003 - Present Principal Engineer/System Architect

GE Aviation Systems (FORMERLY Smiths Aerospace) · Grand Rapids MI
02/2002 - 04/2003 Systems Engineer

Titan Systems Corporation (NOW L3Harris™) · NASA Langley · Hampton VA
09/1998 - 01/2002 Research Assistant
Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) · UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA · Minneapolis MN
07/1996 - 12/1997 Research Assistant - Student Worker

Institute of Flight Mechanics and Control · University of Stuttgart - Germany
10/1994 - 04/1995 Intern

DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (NOW Airbus) · Lampoldshausen - Germany
10/1991 - 04/1992 Intern

INA Nadellager Schaeffler KG (NOW Schaeffler Technologies AG & Compagnie KG) · Lahr - Germany


A Modularized Approach to Comprehensive System-Wide Computer Simulation of Air Traffic Systems 2)
Joachim K. Hochwarth
Ph.D. Thesis conducted at the AEM · University of Minnesota · 12/13/2002
AIAA-2000-4478 · A Modularized Approach For Comprehensive Air Traffic System Simulation
Joachim K. Plaettner-Hochwarth · Yiyuan J. Zhao · John E. Robinson III
Published in the Proceedings of the AIAA Guidance · Navigation & Control Conference 2000 · Denver CO · 07/14/2000 - 07/17/2000
Flight Control and Scheduling for the Lateral Motion of a Tailless F-16 Using Eigenstructure Assignment 2)
Joachim Plaettner-Hochwarth
Diploma-Thesis conducted at the AEM · University of Minnesota · 01/1998 - 08/1998
Influence of Variable-Geometry Stators on the Performance of a Ten Stage Axial Jet Engine High Pressure Compressor 2) 3)
Joachim Plaettner-Hochwarth
Thesis conducted at the ILA · University of Stuttgart - Germany · 05/1997 - 12/1997
2) The entire theses are available as *.pdf document ... click here to request a copy and indicate in which thesis you are interested. Please delete the REMOVE part from the e-mail address.
3) Original title in German: Einfluß der Leitgitterverstellung auf das Betriebsverhalten eines zehnstufigen Axialverdichters

Computer skills

Programming in alphabetical order
Ada During my work on several projects at the IFR - for which I used Ada 95 - I began to appreciate this programming language as a powerful means for Object Oriented Programming (OOP) of robust and stable applications.
Basic Basic was the programming language I grew up with, using it to program my first computer - a Commodore C-64.
C & C++ During the work at the IFR I began programming C++ to implement several Windows applications. One of these applications was a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with the instruments of an aircraft cockpit for the simulation software AniSimwe developed at that time. Other parts of this software on a Unix system were programmed using C.

At the AEM I used C++ to develop the ComDATSS simulation software as part of the work for my Ph.D.

DXL Scripting This is a scripting language that is used by the Telelogic Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System (DOORS). I have developed several GUI and non-GUI tools for it.
Fortran Although Fortran is one of the older programming languages I did take a class at the University of Stuttgart.
Html I learned Html as part of the Internet Programming class I took at the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA and also by working on my Web Sites.
Java Java was also taught as part of the Internet Programming class. As projects I implemented a Tic Tac Toe Java Applet and a Java Client/Server Application using Java Networking & Threading.
JavaScript In addition to Html the Internet Programming class has taught me how to program JavaScript. The SlideShow was one of the projects I had to implement.
Pascal Using Pascal - particularily Borland Pascal with the Object Oriented Library Turbo Vision - I became familiar with the idea of Object Oriented Programming. Before the Windows era began I used this language to program most of my applications.
Perl & CGI Perl and Perl CGI Programming was also part of the Internet Programming class I took. One of the most extensive programming assignment in this class was to program a POP3 e-mail Client to be used as a WebMail service.
Visual Basic I have been working with both VB 6.0 (Excel Macro Language) and VB .NET. In Excel I have developed entire tool sets using VB help automate tedious and/or repetitive tasks. I also used VB .NET to develop tools for the same reason.

Operating Systems in alphabetical order
Linux/Unix Although the GUIs of the Windows operating systems are convenient to work with I have always appreciated Unix. It provides me with the functionality and performance I needed for my work at the AEM.
Windows Throughout the years I have been working with virtually every version of Windows. It all started out with the Windows 3.1 version and then Windows 95/98. I then administered and maintained the Windows NT 4.0 workstation I worked with at the IFR. My more "painful" experiences with Windows ME should be mentioned as well since I spent quite some time with it (mostly unintentionally). Right now I am mostly with Windows XP and some with Windows 2000. This includes some administrative tasks concerning the installation of software. I am also working with Windows Vista at home.

Software in alphabetical order
Catia · ClearCase (Rational University Training) · Serena Dimensions · Telelogic Dynamic Object Oriented Requirements System (DOORS) · Mathematica · MATLAB Compiler · MATLAB GUI (GUIDE) · MATLAB Script · Simulink (Including Embedded MATLAB) · Matrixx · MS Office · MS Visio · Rational Purify · Rational Rose · TogetherSoft (NOW Borland Together)

Computer Science Classes at the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA
Data Communication and Computer Networks
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming in C++
Artificial Intelligence I
Internet Programming
Software Engineering I

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